Jobs Market of Student of Supply and Demand of a Private University

Student's Job market in Bangladesh:An empirical analysis

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The main objective of this study is to find out the current situation of A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S graduate in job market. It is a very simple matter that every graduate wants a job as early as possible after finishing his or her graduation. The Research has been conducted under the title "An Empirical Analysis of Supply and Demand of A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S Students in The Job Market: Problems, Prospects and Ways Forward". For finding jobs A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S helps its graduates from their study life. It has been found that the Alumni of A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S can help more than others. The alumni of A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S have been working in different organizations and also they are leading different organizations.It is known that the multidimensional education system and syllabus makes the students more encouraging to do something innovative and new. This spirit makes many students entrepreneurs and leaders in various organizations. It is true that there are lots of problems in A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S, but despite the problems A PRIVATE UNIVERSITY'S has been increasing its level day by day.


Muhammad Mahboob Ali,Ph.D., Post -Doctorate, Professor of Finance, Economics and Management, Dhaka School of Economics. Bangladesh. Currently Visiting Professor of Joytirmoy Business School, India. He is PEER reviewer of World Bank ,HEQEP,QAU of UGC. Educational Consultant of ASIC, UK and MTC Global, India.