The Radio Sky and How to Observe It

Astronomers' Observing Guides

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ISBN/EAN: 9781441908827
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: XV, 236 S., 94 s/w Illustr., 43 farbige Illustr.,
Format (T/L/B): 1.4 x 23.5 x 18.2 cm
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2010
Einband: kartoniertes Buch


Radio astronomy is far from being beyond the scope of amateurs astronomers, and this practical, self-contained guide for the newcomer to practical radio astronomey is an ideal introduction. This guide is a must for anyone who wants to join the growing ranks of 21st Century backyard radio astronomers. The first part of the book provides background material and explains (in a non-mathematical way) our present knowledge of the stronger radio sources - those observable by amateurs - including the Sun, Jupiter, Meteors, Galactic and extra-galactic sources. The second part of the book deals not only with observing, but - assuming no prior technical knowledge of electronics or radio theory - takes the reader step-by-step through the process of building and using a backyard radio telescope. There are complete, detailed plans and construction information for a number of amateur radio telescopes, the simplest of which can be put together and working - using only simple tools - in a weekend. For other instruments, there are full details of circuit-board layouts, components to use and (vitally important in radio astronomy) how to construct antennae for radio astronomy.


Preface.- Chapter 1: The Radio Sun.- Chapter 2: Jupiter.- Chapter 3: Meteors and Meteor Streams.- Chapter 4: Beyond the Solar System.- Chapter 5: Antennae.- Chapter 6: Setting Up a Radio Astronomy Station.- Chapter 7: Radio Hardware Theory.- Chapter 8: Introduction to RF Electronics.- Chapter 9: Building a Very Low Frequency Solar Flare Monitor.- Chapter 10: Microwave Radio Telescope Projects.- Chapter 11: Building a Jupiter Radio Telescope.- Chapter 12: Building a Broad Band Solar Radio Telescope.- Chapter13: Data Logging and Data Processing.- Appendix A: Formulae in Radio Astronomy.- Appendix B: Bibliography.- Appendix C: Supplier, Groups, and Societies.- Appendix D: Glossary.- Index.

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