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<b>THE OFFICIAL ACT<sup>®</sup> PREP GUIDE 2021-2022</b><p><b>The comprehensive guide to the 2021-2022 ACT<sup>®</sup> test, with 6 genuine, full-length practice tests in print and online.</b><p>This 2021-2022 guide includes six actual ACT<sup>®</sup> tests all of which contain the optional writing test that you can use to practice at your own pace. To help you review test subjects and improve your understanding, this guide provides clear explanations for every answer. Youll also get practical tips for boosting your score on the English, math, reading, and science tests, as well as the optional writing test. Additionally, you can access the six tests online through the access code provided in the guide. The code also provides access to 400 online flashcards to help you prepare for all sections in the ACT<sup>®</sup> examination.<p>The tests creators filled this guide with expert advice on how to both mentally and physically prepare for the exam. It will also help you:<ul><li>Review the entire ACT<sup>®</sup> test content so youll know what to expect on test day</li><li>Understand the procedures youll follow when youre taking the ACT<sup>®</sup></li><li>Prepare for the types of questions you can expect to find on the test</li><li>Adopt test-taking strategies that are right for you</li></ul><p><i>The Official ACT<sup>®</sup> Prep Guide 2021-2022</i> is the best resource to prepare you for test day. By using this guide you can feel comfortable that youre prepared to do your best!


ACT is a not-for-profit organization providing assessment, research, information, and program management services to support education and workforce development. Known most widely as the makers of the ACT exam, the college readiness and placement assessment taken by some 1.8 million high school students each year, ACT produces a number of assessments and services reaching more than 10 million people along the kindergarten through career continuum. ACT's rigorous research informs policy decisions and helps develop programs that boost lifelong learning potential in schools and workplaces around the world.


Preface xiHow This Book is Arranged xiiBefore You Begin xiiPart One: Getting Acquainted with the ACT Test 1Chapter 1: About the ACT 3Description of the Full ACT Test 4English Test 4Mathematics Test 6Reading Test 14Science Test 17Writing Test (Optional) 19The Fifth Test 21ACT Test Formats: Paper and Online 21Using a Calculator 21Taking the Test 23Summary 24Chapter 2: Preparation, Skills, and Strategies 25Mental Preparation 26Identify Strengths and Address Areas of Improvement 26Develop a Positive Mental Attitude 27Keep the Test in Perspective 27General Test-Taking Strategies and Skills 27Remain Calm 27Pace Yourself 28Know the Directions Ahead of Time 29Read Carefully and Thoroughly 29Choose Strategies for Answering Easier and More Difficult Questions 30Use Logic on More Difficult Questions 30Choose a Strategy for Guessing on Multiple-Choice Questions 30Choose a Strategy for Changing Answers 31Write Notes in Your Test Booklet 31Mark Your Answers Carefully 31Plan to Check Your Answers 32Learn Strategies for Specific Tests 32Summary 32Part Two: Taking and Evaluating Your First Practice Test 33Chapter 3: Taking and Scoring Your First ACT Practice Test 35Simulating Testing Conditions 35Practice Test 1 41Scoring Your Practice Test 99Scoring Your Multiple-Choice Practice Tests 100Scoring Your Practice Writing Test Essay 106Reviewing Explanatory Answers 111Chapter 4: Identifying Areas for Improvement 178Reviewing Your Overall Performance 179Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the English Test 179Test-Taking Errors 180Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Mathematics Test 182Math Subject Areas 182Test-Taking Errors 182Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Reading Test 183Types of Reading Passages 184Reading Skills Tested 184Test-Taking Errors 185Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Science Test 186Science Subject Areas 186Types of Science Questions 187Test-Taking Errors 187Highlighting Strengths and Areas for Improvement on the Writing Test 188Writing Skills Tested 188Writing Strategy or Process Errors 189Part Three: Improving Your Score 191Chapter 5: Improving Your English Score 193Content of the ACT English Test 193Types of Questions on the ACT English Test 194Strategies for Taking the ACT English Test 203Chapter 6: Improving Your Math Score 219Content of the ACT Mathematics Test 220Preparing for Higher Math 220Integrating Essential Skills 220Modeling 221Types of Questions on the ACT Mathematics Test 221Basic Math Problems 221Basic Math Problems in Settings 225Very Challenging Problems 229Question Sets 236Strategies for Taking the ACT Mathematics Test 241Pace Yourself 241Answer All Questions 241Answer All the Easy Questions First, Then Go Back toAnswer the Hard Ones 242Read Each Problem Carefully 242Look for Information in the Answer Choices 242Use Illustrations Wisely and Whenever You Can 243Use Your Calculator Wisely 243Think! 243Show Your Work 244Check Your Answers 244Chapter 7: Improving Your Reading Score 245Content of the ACT Reading Test 245Key Ideas and Details 246Craft and Structure 246Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 246Types of Questions on the ACT Reading Test 246Representative ACT Reading Test Questions 247Strategies for Taking the ACT Reading Test 257Pace Yourself 257Use the Time Allotted 257Think of an Overall Strategy That Works for You 258Keep the Passage as a Whole in Mind 258Find a Strategy for Approaching Each Question 258Reading Strategies Summary 259Chapter 8: Improving Your Science Score 267Content of the ACT Science Test 267Format of the ACT Science Test 268Data Representation Format 269The ONLY Official Prep Guide from the Makers of the ACTDiscussion of Sample Passage I (Data Representation) 271Research Summaries Format 274Discussion of Sample Passage II (Research Summaries) 276Conflicting Viewpoints Format 278Discussion of Sample Passage III (Conflicting Viewpoints) 280Strategies for Taking the ACT Science Test 283Develop a Problem-Solving Method 283Take Notes 284Pace Yourself 284Practice Interpreting Graphs, Tables, and Diagrams 284Make the Most of the Information in Graphs 285Make the Most of the Information in Tables 287Develop an Understanding of Scientific Investigations 288Carefully Analyze Conflicting Viewpoints 288Chapter 9: Improving Your Score on the Optional Writing Test 289Content of the ACT Writing Test 290How Your Essay Will Be Scored 290Sample Prompt and Essays 290Sample ACT Writing Test Prompt 291Sample Essay Responses 293Strategies for Taking the ACT Writing Test 317Prewrite 317Write 317Review Your Essay 318Practice 318Part Four: Taking Additional Practice Tests 319Chapter 10: Taking Additional Practice Tests 321Practice Test 2 327Explanatory Answers 387Practice Test 3 465Explanatory Answers 525Practice Test 4 603Explanatory Answers 661Practice Test 5 733Explanatory Answers 791Practice Test 6 865Explanatory Answers 923Chapter 11: Scoring the Additional Practice Tests 1008Scoring Your Practice Tests 1009Scoring Practice Test 2 1010Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 1010Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 2 Essay 1016Scoring Practice Test 3 1019Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 1019Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 3 Essay 1024Scoring Practice Test 4 1026Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 1026Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 4 Essay 1031Scoring Practice Test 5 1033Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 1033Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 5 Essay 1038Scoring Practice Test 6 1040Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 1040Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 6 Essay 1046Chapter 12: Interpreting Your ACT Test Scores and Ranks 1049Understanding Your ACT Test Results 1051How ACT Scores Your Multiple-Choice Tests 1051How ACT Scores Your Writing Test 1051Recognizing That Test Scores Are Estimates of Educational Achievement 1051Using Ranks to Interpret Your Scores 1052Comparing Your Test Scores to Each Other 1052Comparing Your Scores and Ranks to Your High School Grades 1052Comparing Your Scores to Those of Enrolled First-Year College Students 1052Using ACT College and Career Readiness Standards to Help You Understand Your ACT Scores 1053Planning Your Education and Career 1054Seeking Additional Information and Guidance 1054ACT College and Career Readiness StandardsEnglish 1055Production of Writing 1055ACT College and Career Readiness StandardsMathematics 1062ACT College and Career Readiness StandardsReading 1071Text Complexity RubricReading 1078ACT College and Career Readiness StandardsScience 1085Part Five: Moving Forward to Test Day 1089Chapter 13: Registering, Planning, and Packing for TestDay 1091National Testing Program versus State and District Testing 1092Registering for the ACT 1092Selecting a National Testing Date and Location 1092Selecting a Test Option 1094Registering 1094Registering Under Special Circumstances 1095Planning and Packing for Test Day 1095Getting to the Test Center 1095Dressing for Test Day 1096Packing for Test Day: What to Bring 1096Obtaining Additional Test Details 1097At the Test Center 1097Checking In 1097Following the Rules 1098Communicating with the Testing Staff 1099Maintaining Your Composure and Energy 1100Voiding Your Answer Documents on Test Day 1100Testing More Than Once 1101

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